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Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire - Top Rated RoR Programmers of 2020 Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire - Top Rated RoR Programmers of 2020

Trusted By Small Startup to Fortune 500 Brands

We’ve successfully built products for customers across industries, including healthcare, oil and gas,entertainment, telecommunications, education from startup to large enterprises.

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We are a leading CMMI3 IT services company serving 500+ clients around the world. We have four development offices in San Francisco California , Tempe Arizona, Watford and India. Our 5-8+ years experienced developers and 15+ years experienced project architect and coach will ensure you to deliver the best quality product with the modern technological approach.

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    World-Class Best Ruby on Rails Development Services

    Designing, developing and deploying the perfect Ruby on Rails Web Portal or Application demands an senior and experienced team of ruby on rails programmers. Our RoR programming team is ready to provide you with the end-to-end custom ruby on rails development services you require. We view every project we complete and every service we deliver as personal. Have an awesome idea? We will provide you a quick analysis, thorough consultation and free proposal for it.

    RoR Web & Mobile Apps

    DreamzTech provides a wide spectrum of web and mobile app based RoR solutions like Simple/ Complex Websites, Enterprise Portals, Mobile Apps driven by the knowledge and experience of best-in-class RoR developers.

    RoR Code Audit & QA

    Our highly proficient team of QA and software assurance engineers analyze the code scalability and also validate the security features to protect the product against unforeseen actions.

    RoR Code Takeover

    Have a project going awry? Feeling like hijacked by the current dev team? Our elite engineer’s team help you to properly takeover your code, change your team, set a goal and complete your project on time.

    RoR MVP Development

    Our dedicated ROR developers team has gathered all the relevant expertise to bring your product idea to LIVE. Our MVP development services involves strategy, idea generation, measuring, learning, analysis and help in prioritising the most value-delivering features first.

    RoR API Development

    Writing new API endpoints, collaborating developed APIs, changing and evolving custom APIs to suite client requirements and maintenance and support of existing APIs are some extensive features we offer as one of our ruby on rails development services.

    New Features

    Our RoR development team consults and develops new features that can bring better ROI to your existing products and integrate them seamlessly without hampering your business.

    Ruby Rails Specializations by Our RoR Experts

    RoR Consulting Process

    • Understand Business Objectives & Priorities
    • Evaluate Existing Software System & Complete Gap Analysis
    • Design & Recommend New Solution
    • High Level Approval on Plan
    • Build the Proof of Concept, Wireframes & UI/UX Flow
    • Create Functional Specification Document

    Our experienced Ruby on Rails Consulting team can help you:

    • Find the right and perfect solutions to promote and accelerate your business by designing robust, secure and profitable RoR websites and mobile apps solutions for your business.
    • Expand your existing Ruby on Rails Web solutions by implementing new features, modules while ensuring that the applications are stable and fast.
    • Auditing & Identifying the issues with your existing Ruby on Rails web applications and help you to make the solution bug-free
    • Upgrade your existing Ruby on Rails Web applications to the latest cutting-edge versions of Ruby on Rails for better performance.

    Spree Commerce Offering

    • Spree eCommerce store development
    • Spree store customization
    • Spree theme development
    • Spree theme customization
    • Migration to Spree
    • Custom Spree extension development

    Benefits of Spree Commerce

    • Ruby on Rails background is the best for sustainable coding and productivity
    • Handles high traffic situations very well which is very common on eCommerce sites.
    • Can integrate it with multiple payment gateways.
    • High compatibility with mobile devices making your eCommerce site reach your customer’s pocket.
    • Spree is a complete solution with features such as Product Catalogue, Marketing & Promotions, Payments, Shipping, Analytics & Reporting, SEO and more.

    DevOps Services

    • DevOps Planning: Cross-departmental collaboration, architecture & environment design and sets up processes with a solid workflow for continuous delivery and deployment.
    • Continuous Delivery and Deployment: Using configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef and CFEngine we constantly test and deploy the application throughout its lifecycle
    • Continuous Integration & Tests : We manage minor code modifications and improvements more efficiently through Continual Integration
    • Continuous Monitoring and Support: We monitor and support your DevOps environment and applications, Incident management, event-service-process log, monitoring using advanced performance logging and monitoring tools like Logstash, New Relic, Nagios etc

    Rails Upgrade Services

    At present, if your app is on any version of Rails older than 4.0 than you should upgrade your Ruby on Rails application now. Rails 3.x will no longer get any support from the rails community, web packer support and database support. Upgrading your Ruby on Rails application to the latest version brings a number of benefits. Hire Our Ruby on Rails Developers and Leverage our expertise to upgrade your existing application to the stable release of Rails to take the full advantage of the latest features, speed as well as efficiency.

    Upgrade Services

    • Quick and effective audit of your application to figure out the potential challenges
    • Upgrade to Rails 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x to 5.x, 6.x
    • Develop & Upgrades the Rubygems
    • Upgrade your entire Rails Development environment

    Industry Served

    • Healthcare
    • Retail & eCommerce
    • Booking & Finance
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Education & e-Learning
    • Media & Entertainment

    RoR Web Development Services

    • Installation And CMS Development
    • RoR E-Commerce (Spree Commerce) Solution
    • Enterprise Applications/ Web Portal Development
    • Pair Programming With ROR
    • Rails On Docker
    • Rails API to facilitate the implementation of custom stateless APIs on Rails-based projects and spin up functional endpoints
    • Rails-based backends utilizing Active Record for object-relational mapping

    Technology Stack

    • Ruby Frameworks: Rails, Hamani,Sinantra
    • Database: MySQL,MS SQL, MongoDB, Postgres
    • TDD Tools: rspec-rails, Minitest
    • Deployment Server: AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, RackSpace
    • Full Stack: React JS, Angular JS
    • Solutions: Fat Free CRM, Spree E-Commerce, Refinery CMS
    • Searching: elasticsearch-rails
    • Caching: Redis, ElastiCache
    • Rest API: SwaggerDoc, APIPie, Grape, Active Model Serializers
    • PM Tools: Jira, Trello, Slack

    RoR Mobile Apps

    • CONSUMER APPS: We create engaging Rails-based consumer apps that help you drive sales and communicate your brand, constantly improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust
    • BUSINESS APPS:We deliver smart and cost-efficient web solutions that streamline, integrate and automate your business processes and reduce cost
    • ENTERTAINMENT APPS Using extensible toolchain we build scalable entertainment apps with game-friendly interface to render fast OpenGL accelerated graphics

    RoR Mobile App Development Services

    • iOS, Android, Cross-platform app UI/UX Design
    • MVP to Market-Ready App Development
    • Customized App Solutions
    • Powerup your Existing App
    • App Maintenance & Support

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