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  • Our Blockchain Solutions

    • Blockchain Based Enterprise Asset Management: Our Enterprise Asset Management solution gives you a holistic view of the entire life cycle of an organization’s physical assets, track and trace asset’s journey securely using blockchain, allow you to predictively control your asset landscape through AI and analytics, reduce maintenance costs and save thousands of dollars for your business.
    • Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Solution: Blockchain-based Track and Trace solution enables traceability and visibility within the supply chain network by enabling asset owners and every stakeholder to track and trace things of value at every step along the way from its raw material source to end-user delivery. It creates the digital trail and stores each business transaction records securely in the blockchain network which helps in achieving faster results and establish trust between participating trading partners.
    • Blockchain Collateral Management Solution: The Collateral Management Solution helps in tracking collaterals (such as Loan, CDs, Credit and debit status etc) on Ethereum Blockchain. Using the solution, each collateral would be tracked as a digital asset to track the origination, trail of records and act as a single source of truth of collateral on blockchain network.
    • Blockchain KYC Solution: Our Blockchain KYC Solution is a game changing innovation of RegTech Industry. It enables seamless, secure and faster data transaction with a reduced operating and compliance costs and improved customer experience.
    • Blockchain Based Health Wallet & Patient Repository Management: Our blockchain-based health wallet and patient repository management solution brings patients, hospitals and doctors in a single platform and enables improved patient care with secure patient data management and providing an easy communication channel between patients and doctors.
    • Blockchain-based IoT Device Management Solution: The Blockchain-based IoT Device Management Solution is designed for IoT device manufacturers, solution providers and enterprises to rapidly deploy secure M2M and machine to human critical business workflows and ecosystems.
  • Technical Skills

    • Development Skills: Hyperledger, R3 Corda, Solidity, GoLang, Python, NodeJS, Java, Web3 JS, Microsoft Coco Framework, C# ,Angular.js, ReactJS, Bootstrap
    • Alliance & Partnership:IBM Registered Partner, R3 Corda Partner,Ethereum Alliance Partner
    • Developer Experience:Hyperledger,DApps, Security Tokens, Blockchain for Business Solutions, Ethereum Platform, Peer to Peer Messaging, Consensus algorithm ,API Services, Rest.SOAP Infura
    • Code Repository: Github, Visual SVN server and Tortoise SVN client
    • Project Management Tool: JIRA , Unfudlle & Basecamp
  • Blockchain Development Services

    • Blockchain Consulting: Provide blockchain consultancy to enterprises with processes and possible adoptions of Blockchain
    • Custom Blockchain Enterprise Application Development: Creates industry specific blockchain solutions
    • Blockchain PoC Development: Develop comprehensive POCs to test ideas in real business scenarios and test functionalities of the project.
    • Blockchain DApp Development: Build decentralized and secure desktop and mobile wallets over blockchain
    • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Implement cryptograph based technologies to create cyrytocurrency wallet
    • Smart Contract Audit & Development: Write & Implement smart contracts to automate enforcement in Blocklchain network.
    • Blockchain Integration With Enterprise Application: Solutions for integration of Blockchain Apps with enterprise applications and enabling blockchain in existing solution for greater security & advantages

Leverage Our Latest Tecnnology Expertise in Order to Bring Digital Transformation in Your Business

Blockchain & IoT

Combining the power of Blockchain & IoT, we create next-gen solutions that monitor and control smart devices and device interactions, store & transfer data securely through automated smart contracts and help in streamlining business processes.


We bring automatization in business processes harnessing the power of Machine Learning and RPA Workflows. We help to create business solutions automate cricial alerting, Job Scheduling, enable predictive & preventive analytics.

Big Data & Intelligence

Our data analysts and professionals build tailored BI and Big Data solutions for your business that turns data into action. We offer end-to-end services and BI solutions by consolidating and real-time visualizing data through in-depth analytical processes.

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